We’re proud to offer a variety of products that set us apart from the competition – these wooden comb collections are specially designed to elevate your hair care routine. There are currently 6 types of combs made of different high-quality woods (Green Sandalwood, Red Sandalwood, Neem, Birch, Oak and Boxwood) for you to choose from in our store, all of which have craftsmanship Properties that combine beauty and functionality.

We understand the importance of healthy and well-groomed hair. That’s why we actively promote the use of wooden combs to maintain and maintain our hair, wooden combs can provide the ultimate care and promote vitality to your hair. Each comb is carefully crafted from high-quality wood, ensuring their durability and long-lasting performance. It is no exaggeration to say that with it, you will have a treasure that will accompany you for a lifetime.

What sets our wooden comb apart is its natural properties. The smooth, polished wood glides easily through your hair, preventing static and minimizing breakage. Each breezy wood comb has its own distinctive distinct wood grain. The difference in density and weight is due to the growth environment of the wood, the age of the tree, and the different parts of the wood. The uniqueness of the natural texture of the wood and the pattern makes each comb a work of art. Not only that, but our versatile comb is suitable for almost all hair types, whether you have long, short, thick or fine hair. It might even help with dandruff, too. If your dandruff is due to a dry scalp, regular massaging with a wooden comb (including our new buffalo horn comb) will normalize oil production and eliminate dandruff. How about it? Have you felt the charm of the wooden comb?

Of course, it can also be a thoughtful way to share the gift of wellness with loved ones, making it the perfect gift for friends and family. By giving a gift that promotes self-care and enhances their hair care routine, you’re showing them you care and giving them a uniquely great gift that’s killing two birds with one stone!

Browse through our selection of wooden combs in different materials to find the one that is perfect for you or your loved one. We are committed to providing you with excellent customer service and making sure you are satisfied with our products.

Experience the beauty, function and craftsmanship of our wooden combs. Embrace a natural approach to hair care and uncover the secrets to healthy, radiant hair. Keep up with us and embrace the beauty and function of the wooden comb, which will be your long-lasting treasure.



Hi! Happy to see you in our comb store. Let me tell you a little about my story and why I created nzmkr.

3 years ago I was still battling unruly hair, frizz and endless tangles. During those days of frustration and failure, every morning for me was like a battle with my hair. After trying countless remedies and buying countless hair care products, and nothing providing the comfort I crave, I stumbled upon a treasure that will last me a lifetime — the wooden comb.

From the first time the comb brushed my tangled strands, I felt an instant connection. The smooth, polished wood glides effortlessly through my hair, untangling knots with a single touch. It’s as if my hair has found the perfect match, an associate in crime who understands its needs.

My love for wooden combs has grown over time. It has become my trusted companion on countless journeys and the evolution of my hair. It becomes a symbol of self-acceptance and self-love – a reminder that embracing the beauty of nature is a path worth walking.

My love for the wooden comb continues, an enduring testament to the power of self-discovery and the transformative nature of embracing your true self.